25 April 2017   |   by Jay Benjamin   |   Design, Branding

Product design

cosmetic organiser pouch

72% of American shoppers claim that packaging design influences their buying decisions.

That’s proof that design matters and companies need to start doing more to invest in their packaging’s look to ensure they’re making the right impressions on their target audience.

Particularly, when it comes to competitive industries like cosmetics, which is a multi-billion business, having a design that stands out can be the key to success.

But with the dozens of cosmetic brands available today, it can be challenging to get noticed.

In this article, we listed the best cosmetic packaging design examples to help you get inspired.

Before we dive into these outstanding designs, let’s see what cosmetic packaging design is and why it matters.

1#cosmetic organiser pouch

2#cosmetic organiser pouch

3#cosmetic organiser pouch

4#cosmetic organiser pouch

5#cosmetic organiser pouch

6#cosmetic organiser pouch

7#cosmetic organiser pouch

8#cosmetic organiser pouch

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