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1, The concepts of packaging and furniture


1.1 The difference between the packaging and bale.
   (1) The bale (Packing): simple dressing items.
   (2) Packing (Packing): assign item wrapped further can advance sale of commodity attribute.

1.2 The different definitions of packaging all around the world  

  America: packaging is the use of appropriate materials, containers and technology, can make the products to reach the destination safely - in every stage of the product delivery process, no matter what happened can protect its contents, and shall not affect the value of the product.

  Japanese industrial standard specifications [JISZ1010 (1951) :] the so-called packaging (Packaging), refers to state of wrapped that during the transportation and storage, in order to protect the value and the original state, using the appropriate materials, containers and packaging technology.

  China: packaging for protection products in the process of circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, in a certain way to use containers, in the name of the general material and auxiliary material, etc.

  The above comprehensive concept shows: the main purpose of packaging is to protect goods, maintain value, it involves the choice of packaging materials, packaging, protective measures, packaging decoration, etc. Packaging is an independent industrial system, not Furniture Packing but Furniture Packaging. After furniture packaging , furniture should have a good sales performance. All furniture packaging needs should be considered.

1.3 The definition of furniture packaging design

  Furniture packaging design according to the aim and content requirements, refer to people's understanding of the packaging, can be defined as: the use of appropriate packaging materials and packaging technology. By using the principle of the design rules, aesthetics; Provide furniture product containers, and do packaging beautify for the creative idea, and draw or model to express the whole process. Furniture packaging design and product design is a kind of dialectical relations. For furniture products, in the process of production, storage, transportation and sales to provide appropriate protection and reflect personality, production enterprise culture of corporate culture and design. Furniture packaging design in the model of furniture products, specifications, materials, number, structure, process and the whole process of design.

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