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Product design

Design elements of Apex packaging design Apex Promotion and Gift bag OEM

1. Text in packaging design
In the packaging design with text as the main component, the designer expresses the theme with the use of text beauty. Even in packaging design where graphics and colors are the main means of expression, the status of text is also very critical. apex-international.cn
Text is an important information communication tool. People can only correctly understand and understand the product through the text on the product packaging; designers should be good at using text, make full use of the charm of text, and create new text images to strengthen information. apex-international.cn
The design of the text emphasizes "space, balance, rhythm, style" and other factors. In packaging design, we must also pay attention to the "recognition" and "readability" of the text. If the brand name and explanatory text on the packaging cannot be quickly recognized by consumers, it will lose its product attributes. apex-international.cn

Text is the core of packaging design
Because the text is not only decorative, but more importantly, it has a direct information transmission function, so most of the packaging themes are written. Arrange the theme text in the design, first of all its position, size, proportion, font and color of the text in the entire design. There are many design methods to highlight the theme text. As long as the text, color, and space ratio are suitable, using extra-ordinary large characters or extra-ordinary small characters can play the key point of highlighting the text.
You can use bold fonts and relatively harmonious colors to convey the theme, and it will not make people's vision excessively exciting, and will quickly attract people. apex-international.cn

The pure primary colors can be used to set off the small print theme that is beyond the usual title, making the theme clear and obvious. apex-international.cn

When dealing with the subject text, it should be decided according to the nature, grade and sales method of the product.
1. General merchandise: The theme text should be prominent, and thicker decorative fonts can be arranged in the visual center of the package. It is better to have a strong contrast between the text color and the background color.
2. High-end consumer goods: The theme text should be treated elegantly, and the position of the text can be cleverly designed in an unconventional position of the package. The font is simple and the color is beautiful. It is innovative and innovative in the unusual composition. apex-international.cn

Text composition can be used as packaging decoration
Regardless of whether it is Chinese or Latin letters, the text has a unique aesthetic, which can be opposed to any concrete or abstract form. However, when designing and applying it, it should be noted that the characteristics of the arrangement of Chinese characters and the characteristics of the arrangement of Latin letters are different. All because of differences in cultural background.
The text in the packaging also plays a role in decorative composition. Decorating the package with cursive script, and decorating the package with woodcut characters, stone characters and various ancient characters can get a good design effect.
The text content in the packaging design includes: product name, form, material, functional usage, model, specification, capacity, batch number, standard number, shelf life, production date, award-winning name, product grade, grade, attributes, characteristics, and manufacturer's name , Clear address, telephone, zip code, website, etc.apex-international.cn
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