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Product design

Apex has always been at the forefront of gift packaging.

During the Christmas period of 1917, the Hall Brothers store in Kansas City ran out of red, green, white, and holly tissues that people used to wrap gifts, so it can be attributed to Hallmark's inauguration of the modern gift packaging industry. Some decorative envelope liners from France were shipped from Hallmark's manufacturing plant and placed on display cabinets at 10 cents each. They sell quickly.

In the following year, three of these sheets were sold for 25 cents and sold out again. Soon, gift packaging became the first product made by Hallmark that was different from a greeting card. Since then, Hallmark has continued to lead the gift packaging industry for many years:

1930s-The Hall Sheen ribbon was developed. This shiny ribbon sticks to itself when licked like a stamp.
1970s-Introduced giant plastic gift bags for large items.
1987-Introduced paper gift bags with handles.
1994-Creation of curly cascading ribbons (ribbons that are curled and gathered together, ready to be placed on gift bags or packaging).
2006-Launched gift bags and gift card boxes using audio technology.
2008-Launched holiday gift bags with peek-buster motion activated sound technology and fiber optic lights.
2010-Created a three-dimensional stripped and pasted gift decoration as a substitute for the traditional bow on the top of the package.
2017-Introduced a card bag on its gift bag, allowing consumers to easily store greeting cards and recipients to find it easily.

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